One Million Mark – Virus, Worms, Trojans!

The number of malicious programs (virus, worms, and trojans) have breached the one million mark. The new record was revealed by security firm Symantec in the latest Internet Security Threat report.

According to Symantec, most of the malicious programs were create in the last twelve months. Cyber criminals are relentlentless in making malware to fool anti-virus programs which look for characteristics they have already seen.

In 2007 alone, Symantec detected more than 711,912 threats which brings the total number of malicious programs to a stunning 1,122,311.

Most of these programs target the Windows operating system and are variants of existing malicious programs.

Symantec says that cyber criminals increasingly use trojans to establish a “beachhead” to gain access to a PC and then use that route to download other more heavyweight and destructive programs.

As information theft is becoming a very profitable business, the number of malicious programs are expected to increase.

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