The Hidden Price of Everything – Turkey Sandwich at San Francisco Coffee

Being a little spoiled and moody (high fever and headache) yesterday, I went to San Francisco Coffee to get a nice little sandwich for lunch. Little did I know the price I was going to pay.

The meal itself cost RM 13 (tax inclusive). Sounds decent eh?

That was until I realized that the sandwich came with cold mushrooms neatly packed between the two pieces of bread.

Being my usual bold and stubborn self, I gobble it all up in a matter of minutes.

The results….I had to go in and out of the washroom the whole evening after that!! Adding up the lost of productivity (I was not able to do my job very well), the embarrassment (my reputation should be worth at least a few cents), and the pain (this is worth much more), I would say the sandwich cost me RM 26!!!!

Thanks a lot, San Fran!

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