Tun Mahathir’s journey in UMNO

1946: Joins UMNO.

1965-1969: Becomes member of supreme council.

September 1969: Party expels him on disciplinary grounds. Rejoins on March 7, 1972.

June 1972: Loses in the contest for a vice-president’s post but wins a seat on the supreme council with the highest number of votes.

June 1975: Becomes vice-president.

1977: Becomes acting chairman of the Malacca liaison committee.

May 1978: Heads the Perak liaison committee.

September 1978: Becomes deputy president.

June 1981: Becomes party president.

July 17, 1987: Takes charge of political bureau.

Feb 16, 1988: Becomes pro-term president of UMNO Baru after UMNO was declared an illegal society on Feb 4, 1988. He is also the first party member to join UMNO Baru with the membership number of 001.

December 1993: Leads Kelantan liaison committee and heads Politics and Constitution committees of supreme council.

June 22, 2002: Announces his intention to resign from all political and government posts on the final day of the 56th UMNO assembly. Supreme council members appeal for him to stay on.

October 31, 2003: Retires as PM and UMNO president after 22 years.

September 2006: Fails in bid to become a Kubang Pasu division delegate to the party general assembly.

May 19, 2008: Quits UMNO.


Source: The Star, 20th May 2008, N19, No. 17832

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