Castle during a storm by Laugharne


Please take me far away,

To a castle high up in the mountain sky.

Where I can look afar and away,

Above the horizon’s shimmering line.


A place of refuge it would be,

Against the high waves and fearless winds,

A place I can look with silent enmity,

At man’s pride, dreams and endless sins.


Please hold me and take my hand,

And guide me well to this hidden place.

A world where gold is but sand,

And worries are nothing but a laden haze.


But where can I find this castle,

If not but in a dream and an illusion,

For something of such beauty,

Would never exist in perfect precision.


Yet I beg you to come to me,

And lead my soul with a gentle song,

For I with you am sure to see,

This castle where our heart belongs.


~ESZ, James



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