Behold the Future – Tachikomatic Days

Behold the Tachikomas, a functional (in fiction) artificial intelligence walker tank of the Ghost in the Shell universe created by Masamune Shirow. Adorable and lovable with children’s voice and mechanical spider-like limbs, the Tachikomas may one day really exist in our world.

However, what really strikes me is the Tachikomas’ individual AIs capability of independent thought and rational deduction. Is it really possible in the future to create artificial ‘thought’ and individuality other than through the conventional biological method? (please don’t get any funny ideas)

Another unique characteristic of the Tachikomas in the anime Ghost in the Shell is the way they synchronize with each other every night in order to exchange their collective experiences, information, and consciousness. If this is possible with human beings, the obvious question that would pop-up in our heads is what actually defines who we are.

In an age where the average human being can hardly catch up with the latest high-tech gadgets, let alone every new scientific find and technology breakthrough, it is really hard for regulatioans and laws to continue to be relevant in providing a protection for the common individual.

What is worse is that age old philosophical questions on the mind and consciousness begin to make a comeback as science now provide ‘proof’ against some of the rigid hardline beliefs in theology. The battle between science/philosophy against religion is not something new. However, many things that have become obsolete must be allowed to die.

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