February 10th, 1840 – Queen Victoria marries Albert

Today marks the wedding of Queen Victoria of England with her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Rumour has it that they met in October the previous year and Queen Victoria was ‘swept off her feet’ by Albert’s serious demeanour and good looks.

After only four days together, the Queen made her decision to marry Albert and protocol dictates that she was to do the proposing. In the end, the marriage proved to be one of the few true royal love marriages as the Queen was initially besotted with Albert and the Prince came to love the Queen deeply and faithfully (a rarity at the time).

However, Albert wished to participate in the royal councils and their marriage was not without problems. A famous story tells of how an annoyed Albert locked his room door after being excluded from an important state decision. When Victoria sought Albert, she was asked, ‘who is there?’

To which the Queen replied, ‘the Queen of England.’ The door remained shut until Victoria changed it to, ‘your wife, Victoria.’

Queen Victoria (1819-1901) was Queen of England for sixty three years during the height of the British Empire.


1819 – Born in Kensington Palace, London, 24 May

1837 – Succeeds to throne, 20 June

1838 – Crowned

1840 – Marries Prince Albert, 10 February

1861 – Prince Albert dies, 14 December

1876 – Declared Empress of India (though she never visited India)

1887 – Golden Jubilee

1897 – Diamond Jubilee

1901 – Dies at Osborne House, 22 January

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