The First Interlude – Man Against Woman and The Downfall of Man

Adam and Eve by Albrecht Durer (1507)

~ This is a true conversation between a girl (who is and still is, a dear and close friend of mine) and me. Since this is the byproduct of the two of us, I cannot claim sole ownership of this dialog. However, the critique I have written below is of my own opinions, and any responsibility for a biased, one-sided, or prejudiced article is mine and mine alone.

Man: I love you! You are the only person who would ever understand anything I say besides my parents.
Woman: I think that’s a compliment..


Man: It is and it was.

Woman: Really?

Man: It is like the ‘Iron cross’ or the ‘Purple heart’! It is the highest form of honor and respect that I can give.
Woman : Thank you. I am so honored!
Man : You could say I love you too and I would have taken it literally.
Woman : That was so unexpected, but pleasant all the same.
Man : I am full of randomness though I believe in fate. Don’t you think that tedium is the greatest sin of them all?!

Woman : Is that why you said all that? Just to put a spark into the mood?
Man : Of course not! The last statement was a product of the former and thus the former statement is the cause and the later statement an effect.
Woman : Cause and effect. The principle of causality…….
Man : But in a sense it is duality because unconsciously I might have said something to ’spark’ the mood. That however does not make my statement less sincere.

Woman : I suppose I should agree with you, since what you said made me happy. So I suppose it’s alright, sincere or not.
Man : So in a teleological view whereby the ends justify the means, I have done the right thing!
Woman : The ends justifies the means?
Man : Yes! But this principle is not absolute. For killing your would-be murderer is not really right either.
Woman : But your life would be spared!
Man : At the expense of another person’s life! And what if your would-be murderer tries to kill you for the sake of stealing bread for his family. A family that consist of his grandma, grandpa, 5 children, 2 wives, and a dog!

Woman: If a man has two wives, that is reason enough to justify his death!
Man : Only to you! For ‘my’ man married two wives because the second woman would be condemned to death if she stayed a widow!!
(Widows were condemned to death (by burning) in India until the British made it illegal by law)

Woman : What about ‘my’ man?!!! He has a family too!!!!
Man : How many members are there in his family?
Woman : More than his to-be murderer!!!!

Man : Your man might be the next Hitler and kill more people than he saves!!!!! My man on the other hand, might be the next Gandhi and thus saving ‘my’ man would save more people than saving ‘your’ man.

Woman : Who do you think you are?!!!!! God?!!!!! The effects of killing Hitler’s family and saving Gandhi’s family would be unknown until the end of time!!!!!!!! I hate you and I will never talk to you again!!!!!


Man : But I love you!!!!!!

Man Offering a Glass of Wine to a Woman by Pieter de Hooch

A Critique of The First Interlude

This dialog may be more relevant to you but also to me in more ways than we may think possible. Although it is written with the first party being a man, and the second party being a woman, it is safe to apply the logic behind this argument as written here towards any two individuals regardless of gender.

The dialog starts off with sentences coated in honey and although man and woman have their differences, their views and opinions are relatively able to coexist. Then in disbelief, woman questions the sincerity and the truthfulness of man.

Man, like any individual, reacted by throwing up a wall of defense by appealing to woman’s logic, emotions, and ethics. However, by doing so, man betrays his own position as it is common that no two individuals share the exact same logic, emotions, and ethics.

Woman thus in calm fortitude understands that a good and solid offense is a good and solid defense and questions the stand of man concerning the various aspects of his belief and philosophy. At this point, man claims that the ends justify the means and, therefore, the greatest good for the greatest number is the absolute philosophy, way of life, and truth.

Yet woman, like any other individual took man’s defense as an offense and as a personal attack upon her position and her ‘raison de tre’ (reason for being/existence). She then proceeds to raise her voice and question whether saving the majority with an act that in nature is fundamentally wrong would be justified. Sadly, this interaction has ceased to contain calm rationality  (order) and the duo is now fighting for the sake of fighting (chaos).

To make matters worse, man who nature has made more aggressive and egoistic, treats woman’s insubordination as an insult to his pride and his own ‘raison de tre’. He then proceeds in an aggressive manner to undermine the logic behind woman’s arguments in all ways that he finds possible.

However, woman chooses to end this conversation, which was in the beginning sweet and colorful but now bland and meaningless, and reminds man of his mortality and lack of authority in forming an absolute judgment. Man now realizes that he is defeated but returns in a loop by trying to claim love for the sake of love yet again.

Sadly, this scenario that could happen in many forms that are distinctively different but fundamentally the same has caused both divorce (not literally), and death.  Is it not better for both individuals to have formed a common ground that in humility and tolerance would enable them to coexist happily?

Ironies of ironies and vanities of vanities that humanity is confined to mortality and thus be forever unhappy!

Naked Man and Woman by Jacob Van Loo


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7 Responses to “The First Interlude – Man Against Woman and The Downfall of Man”
  1. Jia_Zhing says:

    I was nearly fainted when I read this. Cannot be denied, it has some values in it, though it was juz a joke.

    I can see respective of woman status in it. Men’s egoistic some time does hurt women without our notification. Is it only men can have two or more women as wives, but why can’t women have two or more men as husbands?

    Think very careful when we talk, it might hurting without our notice…

  2. -yukichan- says:

    loh… real funny…..

    with a twist of words and story… it make me come to realise that this is reality

  3. lorry says:

    well, again hav to tell u that i m not really understand it, not becos of your word but becos myself>poor english.

    From the begining, i mean the conversation, i like that part, even though i didn finish the whole dialog. Wat i can tell is u giving a very clear point of what a classic woman and man is.Classic man will solve the problems by seeking the powers of control to make the woman obey and agree with him,Classic woman will solve the problems by ending the conversation and cut off the relationship.

    In the end,no matter is the man fully control the situation or woman ends up the story wif her way, both man and woman will break their own position they insist in early.

    A man, no matter how strong, how powerful he show or prove to the woman, eventually “king will giving up his territory and go for the beauty”. A woman, most of the time, ending the conversation by saying “i will never talk to you again”. But the fact is, when the man say something after that, something that either make the woman feel angry or touch, woman will react very fast.Therefore, position breaking by them always change the consequences.

    In conclusion, no matter u r man or woman, u r jz human,no matter u r from mars or from venus,u nid each others.

  4. pierre says:

    i am french-speaking

    i agree with the last comment
    pride and vanity has no sex

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