Is Passion An Eternal Flame?

The Third Contribution

The Tree of Knowledge by Lucas Cranach the Elder

~ The Contributions is a collection of work not personally done by me but by friends who with sincere generosity have allowed for publication here.

Therefore, work found in the contributions may not be similar with my general line of thought. Thus, I will not comment, scrutinize, plagiarize, and justify anything that has been written here.

However, work posted in the contributions is in my sincere and humble opinion worth reading not only for knowledge but for pleasure!!

And like Voltaire, I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

~ ESZ, James Ee

The Pharos of Alexandria by Martin Heemskerck

Passion, the indistinguishable flame

One day, I was asked what I considered timelessly beautiful. At that very instance, I could not answer as thoughts of what might represent or be timeless beauty rushed through my head were simply too many. I stood there dumbfounded. I’ve actually never considered this before. So, I had only one obvious option, and that was to ask my ever knowledgeable friends… and the answers I received included material or physical things like diamonds, the migration of birds, a book, a tree and a smile. Some others offered answers of intangible things, such as knowledge and life itself. None of them particularly appealed to me, though I do believe that a smile is beautiful…after all, when I smile, I am stunning!

One answer, given to me by my father, caught my attention, and it was… passion. Intrigued, I then asked him to explain why. He said that passion is a love for something that is so strong that people are willing to sacrifice time, effort, blood, sweat and tears for it. He believed that there is no such thing as a material/physical timeless beauty, because beautiful people grow old(even with plastic surgery) beautiful works by one man can be destroyed by another, the beauty of this very planet is currently at stake of being destroyed by its very own inhabitants pollutions. Passion, however, is an indistinguishable flame that can lead people to do extraordinary things. So why is passion timelessly beautiful? The reason is that passion lives in everyone. As long as we are capable of loving, we are capable of passion, and we will be capable of accomplishing the impossible.

Then I said, if passion only exists as we do, does that not mean that when the human race has (touch wood) come to extinction, passion will also no longer exist as well, how does that make it timelessly beautiful? Then my father calmly replied “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, there is only beauty when there are beholders”. Which is to say, if the human race were to become extinct tomorrow, nothing would continue to be beautiful for there is no-one left to see it as such.

Proof of the beauty of passion can be seen, back when the prophets of the various religions continued to spread their teachings and fulfill their holy missions despite the sufferings and pains inflicted by those that opposed them. Their teachings which they had fought so hard for has brought enlightenment into the lives of those back then who had been ignorant, selfish and unwilling to advance. The revolutions that was made back then by these teachings, allows us to be who we are today.

Passion, in literature and women, drove Shakespeare to create the wonderful stories and poems that children study in classrooms from generation to generation, making English literature the way it is today. Martin Luther King passionately fought against racial segregation in America and indeed, the impact it has can be clearly be seen today, with a newly elected first African American President, Barack Obama. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder are both blind, but even with these limitations, they have created music that touched the hearts of thousands, and are both now well-respected figures of music history who paved the way music is now.

Driving may be to us, merely a form of transportation to take us from point A to B. But the passion in driving was what drove Michael Schumacher, the 7 times Grand Prix champion, to be the best driver in World, going through vigorous training and risking his life each time he set out on the track. And in doing so, brought the technology of cars to new heights. In 1997, much closer to home, 2 men, from the sunny country of Malaysia braved the icy weathers of Mount Everest with their lives at stake, representing Malaysia to be the first South East Asian country to place a flag on top of the world’s highest peak.

The recent Olympic games is perhaps the greatest display of the beauty of passion, athletes dedicating every minute and every breath living and practicing their sport years before the game not just to entertain the world, but also to push beyond the physical human limitations and set new world records. The flawless coordination for the opening and closing ceremonies were also proof of how passionately the volunteers practiced their performances months before the games, they all did so in order that their country could stand proud and tall in the eyes of the world.

These are, my friends, the power and beauty of passion. But of course, it is true that extreme passion has led to the loss and scarring of many lives. After all, it is as the French writer, Voltaire Zadig, once said, “Passions are the winds which fill the sails of the human vessel; it may sink it; but without the winds of passion a person cannot make his way.” But I say, people have used the winds to navigate to their destinations many times before, so why not the winds of passion?

I believe that the wonders that has been brought to us by the passionate people who I have mentioned before, and those like them, far outweighs the dread that has been brought by the misdirected. Therefore, before I end, I would like to say, a diamond cannot be beautiful unless the diamond cutter is passionate about what he does, a book cannot be beautiful if the writer cannot write with passion, a tree cannot grow if there is no one left to be passionate enough to protect it and let it grow. Life itself is not beautiful, but when you choose to live your life with a passion for goodness and the betterment of the world, then your life shall be timelessly beautiful. You are after all the true beholder of the life you lead.



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