What is the Baha’i faith? A Little Insight….

The School of Athens by Raphael

Let me clarify things before I begin. This is a conversation I had with my friend who is a Baha’i. First and foremost, I was and I am still a Christian and a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, I find it a responsibility both as a Christian and a thinker to understand the other religions and beliefs. I invite any Baha’i to comment on this dialog and hope that some  people will correct any flaws my friend has in his explanation.

The first individual is called the teacher as he represents someone who knows while the second individual is a philosopher who under this circumstances, knows that he do not know.

~ ESZ, James

Teacher: Greetings!

Philosopher: Greetings! I am interested in the Baha’i faith.

Teacher: What is it you wish to know about the Baha’i faith?

Philosopher: To what I understand, Baha’i is a relatively ‘new’ faith (though age does not matter) how do you view this? ]

Teacher: I agree Baha’i is new. Baha’u’llah declared His mission on 1863

Philosopher: Do the Baha’i faith believes in one supreme creator?

Teacher: Yes

Philosopher: Who are the prophets that you recognize?

Teacher: Prophets like Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammad, Zoroaster, Moses and etc

Philosopher: How bout Jainism, Sikhism, Shinto, Taoism?

Teacher: In my opinion, it is less likely because if you look at the creation and development of these religions, they might share lesser common traits than the rest. But that itself is not a strong proof as we also must examine the creation of the religion

Philosopher: Do a Baha’i believe in the afterlife and salvation?

Teacher: Of course. It is more like a distance between us and God

Philosopher: What kind of afterlife do you believe in? Which of the following: Reincarnation, heaven and hell, resurrection?

Teacher: We believe in heaven and hell, but not in the terms understood as in heaven and hell is not a place it is the nearness of God when one is near to His creator, He is in heaven.

Philosopher: What must man do in order to gain salvation?

Teacher: Well in the first verses of the Holy book, it writes the first and foremost duty prescribed upon man is…. (paraphrasing here) the recognition of Him who is the Daystar of Divine Guidance.

After having recognized that, he must obey and abide by the laws for the Day so the first is the recognition of the Manifestation of God for the Day that is what confirms the “validity of every past prophets and Manifestations.”

When they say they are the ones that will lead men to God in the time of Christ, Christ was the Way and the Bread the laws that God hath wrought for this day is written in the Book of laws is not just abide by the laws only, it is also upholding the principles such as equality between man and women, freedom of prejudice etc. for the Law, it would be such as the prohibition of alcohol, obligation to pray etc.

Philosopher: You mentioned the Holy book. I am curious to which Holy book you are referring to

Teacher: Well Baha’u’llah is referred to as the revealer of Books so He has in His lifetime revealed many scriptures, prayers and writings but the book I am referring to is the Aqdas – the most Holy Book, which contains the laws and obligations and then there is the hidden words which contains some teachings of virtues and then there is the “Iqan” which is called the book of certitude

Philosopher: If man fails to achieve a nearness to God, will he suffer? Furthermore, if one do ‘bad’ (this is relative) things, will he be punished?

Teacher: I think hell is not a punishment it is that you are self-depriving yourself from the Bounties of God and hence you are far away from Him the suffering is because you are far away from Him.

If you do not eat, you die eventually and so we eat. We eat because it satisfies our physical existence. But why do we obey and carry out our spiritual duties?

This is because we want to satisfy our spiritual existence. So when God says do something beyond the obvious benefits that we may find in this world we obey it because it explains the spiritual makeup of our soul and so we satisfy it.

God doesn’t need our prayers but we say them. I believe we all need to also find out the meaning of spirituality. Is spirituality a set rules to be obeyed? If this is the case then no wonder people are less and less interested in spiritual because they are “hungry.”

The meaning of spirituality is likened to the mirror and the sun. The mirror can reflect the sun provided it is clean and wiped so God is the sun and we are the mirrors. All acts of obeying His laws are but polishing the mirror so that we can reflect more of His attributes that is why it is said in the genesis “We make men in the Likeness of Us” spirituality is in the end of the Day.

Philosopher: If you were asked to sum up your faith in a simple sentence, what would that sentence be?

Teacher: Baha’i Faith is a world religion whose purpose is to unite the people and races of the world in one common Faith, one universal Cause.



2 Responses to “What is the Baha’i faith? A Little Insight….”
  1. I’m a Bahá’í and I find nothing horribly wrong with your post–possibly a stronger indication that the “Teacher” is voicing their individual opinion…

    The actual Scriptures of the Bahá’í Faith are the best resource for finding out what It’s about.

    The second best source would be the World Center site:

    ~ Alex from Our Evolution

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