Akademia, Behind the Iron Curtain: My Library and Laboratory

People often wonder what my room looks like. I don’t blame them. My family treats our home as a place of refuge, meditation, and more importantly privacy. Even close friends of my parents meet over lunch or dinner and almost never (ever) at home.


We do not want something like Elizabeth Wong to happen to us!

No no….(My sympathies are with Miss Elizabeth….her case would be an example of the violation of privacy that can potentially happen in the IT age)

It is not a matter of trust either. My family have many close friends and associates but seldom do we let someone outside the family come into our home.

The real reason?

My family believes that our home is meant exclusively for us (the family). We might be weird (my friend used to term ‘Addams family’ to describe my family..hehe..guess who is the living chopped-off hand?), but we really don’t let it bother us.

My family feels that by keeping our home exclusively to ourselves, we are in a way keeping the home special for each member of the family! Crazy logic..I know..but like I said, I really don’t give a damn….

However, a good friend of mine (a girl and she knows who she is), asked me a few weeks ago to show her my room..

Oh, the horror! My room! My solace, my refuge, my comfort! No! No! No!

In my confusion, I was reminded that sharing is caring..(yes, share your love and money with me, I insist..)..Consequently, the friend who was asking me to provide the ‘revelation’ was a really dear friend of mine….Oh, boy..I think I will make an exception..Just this once….

So here a sneak peek of what is behind the Iron Curtain:

The Pinnacle of Human Arrangement

The Map of the World where I use memos to record the events unfolding around the world.

My study and research table. This is where all the things you read in my blog comes from.

My filing system. Everything is arranged according to priority, subject and difficulty level.

My mini library with books ranging from philosophy to psychology. On top of the shelf is the map of Palestine, and East Asia.

Sorry, no coffins..I am a modern vampire..At the side of my bed is my classical music collection (Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Debussy are my favorite), the map of China, the map of Europe and the map of Europe during World War II (I love Europe).

Books that I put above my head when I sleep are those that I am currently reading.

My guitar!

My Lego spaceship, books on general knowledge, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and bible commentaries located outside my room.

The holy scriptures! I even have the Catholic Bible and the Quran (looks like I am missing a few books….).

My family’s classic collection ranging from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Sun Zi’s Art of War (my name is Suen Zheng..somehow I suspect my dad likes Sun Zi), Homer, and English Poetry.


That ends the tour of my humble abode. Thank You!



2 Responses to “Akademia, Behind the Iron Curtain: My Library and Laboratory”
  1. hui fang says:

    bro, i really feel proud on ur room….it’s amazing to me!!!

  2. Loans says:

    Nice info! Very cool post.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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