How to Get The Job Done!

1. Define the objective

This means determining tangible goals. This is to avoid internal conflicts and misunderstanding.

2. Establish a road map

List down the various activities or processes sequentially. Align the plan with the goal. Provide specific target dates and prioritize activities.

3. Assign roles

Assign activities to group leaders and make them responsible for a task. Define the hierarchy of authority so as to avoid confusion on accountibility. Encourage leaders to form their own micro-plan.

4. Engage everyone

Involve all critical team members. Get feedback and react quickly to problems

5. Assess and reassess

Review the requirements thoroughly. This is to avoid unplesant surprises in the at the later days of the project’s development.

6. Identify the challenges

The top management will appreciate concerns of real or potential challenges raised before the project commences.

7. Anticipating obstacles

Form contingency plans especially for critical perfect storm situations. This will prevent panic and uncertainty.

8. Check the progress

Do a periodic review and see whether the project is going according to plan.

9. Pat on the back

Check that the end result meet the goals of the project upon completion. Show appreciation to the team. Boast morale and motivation.

10. Keep in mind

Reflect on the execution process. Record problems encountered and lessons learnt.



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