The Brave Hodja!

Once, in a tea shop, some soldiers were boasting about a few of their recent victories so all the local people were gathered aound them, listening eagerly.

“And I took my double-edged sword and charged the enemy fearlessly, scattering them to the right and to the left like chaff! Victory was ours!” said one of the soldiers.

There was of course a round of applause.

“Oh, that reminds me of the time I cut off the leg of an enemy on the battlefield. I cut it right off!” remarked Hodja (who had only been in a battle a few times during his lifetime).

“Sir, it would have been better, to have cut off his head!” replied the captain of the soldiers.

“Of course, I would have, but somebody else had already done that!” shouted Hodja.

~ What can I say? Becareful when people are boasting!



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