Whose servant am I?

Hodja had become a very close friend to the king. His wise and humorous remarks made him one of the king’s favorites.

One day the King was extremely hungry so the palace chef prepared some eggplant. They were so delicious that the King told the chef to serve the same dish everyday.

“Are they not the very best vegetables in the world, Hodja?” asked the King.

“Yes your majesty, the very best,” replied Hodja.

Five days later, after the same eggplant dish had been served for the tenth straight meal, the King roared:

“Take this food away! It’s awful!”

“Yes, your majesty, they are the worst vegetables in the world!” remarked Hodja.

“But Hodja, just a few days ago you said that they were the very best!”

“Yes, I did your majesty. But I am the servant of the King and not of the vegetables!”

~ Sounds familiar? In real life, it is called cronyism!



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