New Beginnings, New Horizons, and a New Hope

The initial works on the Meditations are complete. All together, there are 7  individual essays that are inter-connected (look at the diagram above) and 3 dialogs that support the general idea. I might have been overambitious when I attempted to link seemingly different parts of society into a coherent idea. However, the works in the Meditations are a summary of more than 3 years of painful data gathering and joyful reading. There are not without proof and not without proper preparation.

The Meditations can be found here:

The First Meditation, Sapere Aude – The Limitations of Human Understanding

The First Interlude – Man Against Woman and The Downfall of Man

The Second Meditation, Ethos – The Limitations of  Ethics, Moral Philosophy, and Absolute Relativism

The Third Meditation, Utopia – The Limitations of Man’s Ambitions

The Second Interlude – Woman Against Man and The Ascent of Man

The Fourth Meditation, Politicus – The Limitations of Political Power

The Fifth Meditation, Armata – The Limitations of Military Might

The Sixth Meditation, Juno Moneta – The Limitations of Wealth and Money

The Third Interlude – Man and Woman

The Seventh Meditation, Homo Sapiens – The Limitations of Man and The Possibilities of Homo Superior

As I have mentioned at the start of the first meditation, I desire a broader canvas to which I could put paint on. The Meditations represent this line of my thought in its fullness. I would right no article in defense of the Meditations because the essays were based on an idea that was self-enforcing at its core. However, it is my wish to write an epilogue and a critic for the Meditations when the time is right.

When we open one door, it always lead to a bigger place and inevitably another door. Similarly, the Meditations is not the flame itself but the small spark that will start the flame (and hopefully many other flames). I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who had been actively supporting me and taken precious time off their busy schedules to view my work!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have my eternal gratitude!

The next project in line is the Observations. The Observations would be a work based on scientific work and practical observations. Please continue to provide me feedback on my work!

~ESZ, James


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