How To Write A Report


– should reveal the subject matter clearly


– one paragraph summary of 100-150 words

– state the purpose, methods, procedures, principal findings, and conclusion

Background information

– often called the introduction

– give an account of the history and importance of the problem, any previous findings by researchers

– reasons for undertaking this project

The Problem

– define the problem

– state whether you are searching or testing a hypothesis, putting forward a theory or reporting observations


– facilitate repetition, state the details on the equipment, relevant conditions, and environment the experiment is subject to

Analysis and Interpretation of Data

– discover patterns and relationships

– order all your data carefully and apply statistical methods

– confirm or support your hypothesis

– use graphs, diagrams, and any other depiction of data to convey your analysis


– announce the rejection of any hypothesis or evidence to support a hypotheisis


– conclude with a brief summary



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