The Cross Beside The Baltic by Caspar David Friedrich


I say a silent prayer,

Beneath a moonless night,

A call for a savior,

To save us from our plight.


Behind curtains in darkness,

I prayed for hope and peace.

As I stare far and aimless,

Hoping a light at least.


I wish for a dream,

For this endless night to end.

I wish for the means,

Not just to heal but to mend.


Maybe someday I could,

Change something in reality.

And if I can I would,

Just end this insanity.


I hear a silent voice whisper,

That the night is not forever.


~ESZ, James



3 Responses to “Prayer”
  1. lizii says:

    everyone dreams about these things :) but i like your optimism.

    good poem :) it flows very well, which makes it seem extremely romantic.

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