Path to the Sea by Antonin Chittussi


Within a journey,

Begins my story,

Beneath the sunset,

To where my soul led.


I came to a place,

By some divine grace,

Where the path forked,

Where my luck flopped.


To the left was clear,

With a path so dear,

That the flowers bloom,

Under the smiling moon.


Over to the right,

Was an awful sight,

For the road was bare,

With no signs of care.


I had a choice to make,

And an option to forsake,

For the cruel arrow of time,

Follows a rule and a rhyme.


Deep within the forest,

Asleep within a chorus,

My heart grew restless,

And my thoughts aimless.


Then moonlight revealed,

What beauty concealed,

That both paths converged,

And all fates must merge.


But the future lies ahead,

And the past must lie dead.

Choices are but a necessity,

Not infinity but affinity.


In innocence we seek,

In ignorance we pick.

Thus the sad truth is,

Not knowing is bliss.


As beautiful as music,

So sorrowful a melody,

Choices are nostalgic,

Nothing but a memory.

~ESZ, James



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