The Great Day of His Wrath by John Martin


Anger is a hidden emotion,

Mostly seen as hard and harsh.

Full of inner contradictions,

And a heightened sense of rush.


It leads to irrationality,

Combined with guilt and passion,

Seizing us from reality,

And coaxing us in a friendly fashion.


When we yield to anger,

We are at our weakest moment.

For anger goes on further,

To hate and to endless torment.


Yet one should always remember,

The passionate love before anger.

~ESZ, James



7 Responses to “Anger”
  1. pochp says:

    ‘Yet one should always remember,
    The passionate love before anger.’

    I know what you mean James.
    Can you write about people who were forced to be mad angry?
    Have you experienced that?

  2. jamesesz says:

    Dear pochp,

    I am so sorry that I was not able to expressed it more clearly..What I meant was anger is really a kind of passion. When we are madly in love and we are angry, we are filled with passion.

    I believe this kind of anger truly shows the paradox in our world..

    Urs Sincerely,
    James Ee

  3. pochp says:

    No problem James. I still understand.
    I’m just suggesting that you research about the persons who were forced to be really, really angry since you are a good philosopher. :-)
    I experienced that and I’m still fighting anger until now.

  4. lizii says:

    Of course anger is a passion. Anything that you can feel strongly about is passion; it doesn’t have to be a paradox.

    I like this poem; I like the short and sharp nature. It’s like a couple of punches. And a lot of despair.

  5. jamesesz says:

    I just heard about a research paper that says anger might be an inborn instinct that is stronger in individuals with the ‘anger’ genes. That explains a lot I guess.

    People generally equate anger as a negative emotion and passion as a positive one. In reality, one cannot exist without another.

    ~ESZ, James

  6. Irina says:

    Hope you had a wonderful baidhrty. I enjoy reading your family’s blog. You are very blessed to have such a precious family. I had the pleasure of meeting you all last spring at the economics conference and you all were as sweet in person as you are on your blog!Victoria

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