Minerva and the Muses by Rottenhammer


Our soul is trapped within a shell,

Unable to see the sun’s full light.

And as a frog living inside a well,

So is our dreams bounded by sight.


Thus we search in hope and in hell,

Struggling like a mouse in a maze.

Falsely we believe we can foretell,

The future from the smog and haze.


Let us awaken from this spell,

Let us seek for the hidden key.

Heed the ring of wisdom’s bell,

Only then, can we be truly free.


So permit ourselves to emerge from our shell,

And free our minds from our cold prison cell.

~ESZ, James



4 Responses to “Shell”
  1. me says:

    Aiya! Grammatical error in lines one, four and six and second last. Mostly subject verb agreement. . . You’re a more accomplished poet than I am, that’s true. . .I can never find a rhyming word that fits. Something is lacking in this, perhaps a depth of real life experience?

    San San

    • jamesesz says:

      Dear San San,

      I hated this piece after writing it…Everything you said about it is true….Never had the time nor will to edit it..I am really sorry to have wasted your time..

      Yours Sincerely,
      James Ee

  2. Karen Krisfalusi says:

    I like it.

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