The Kiss by Francesco Hayez


Where art thee my love and beauty,

So long have I waited in vain,

Within time that feels like an eternity,

In hope have I waited in pain.


When the sun rises in the Eastern sea,

I feel our day is drawing near,

Like a caged bird yearning to be free,

Free to fly to you without fear.


Will you not hurry my love and beauty,

Before my candle loses its light,

Please come to love and thus come to me,

Or at least come within my sight.


Remember that time is really cruelty,

For it flies in a pace of haste.

Thus we can no longer tarry in reality,

Cause life is like an endless race.


Yet I know with unfaltering certainty,

That like waves unrelenting,

You would take up this hard journey,

Just for the sake of our meeting.


Therefore I wait for love and for beauty,

For nothing else is worth this insanity.

~ESZ, James



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