Best Anime Ballad (Update 2 )

File:Tsubasa spring thunder chroniclesscan.jpg

1. Amrita -Hikikatari- by Yui Makino

From: Tsubasa Chronicle

First place?! Amrita scores high marks on all fronts from music to lyrics! The piano version not the techno version of this song is the real deal. Starting slow and simple, Amrita builds up tempo only towards the chorus. Coupled together with Yui Makino’s angelic child-like voice, this song is a must for ballad lovers!

2. Mizu no Akashi by Rie Tanaka

From: Gundam Seed

Running second place is a music piece composed by Kajiura Yuki from Gundam Seed. Sung by Rie Tanaka who was the voice actor of Lacus Clyne, Mizu no Akashi displays excellent voice and music control. Do not expect any high pitch surprises or off beat tunes. While the music of this piece doesn’t beat Amrita, the quality of the lyrics is on the same level.

3. For Fruits Basket by Ritsuko Okazaki

From: Fruits Basket

Ritsuko Okazaki would always be known (she has passed away) for her deep, gentle and simple music pieces. For Fruits Basket is a good song to listen when you are down and demotivated as the lyrics of the song contains hidden optimism and hope.

4. Scarlet by Junko Iwao

From: Ayashi no Ceres

The one word to describe Scarlet is sorrow. In line with the theme of the anime Ayashi no Ceres, Scarlet contains the emotions of melancholy and loneliness. Despite that, the song is terribly beautiful and realistic. A definite must for those who love touching moments.

File:Tsubasa spring thunder chroniclesscan.jpg

5. Saigo no Kajitsu by Maaya Sakamoto

From: Tsubasa Chronicle, Tokyo Revelations

The name Maaya Sakamoto requires no introduction for anime lovers. Blessed with a voice that is unique and filled with emotions, Maaya Sakamoto delivers a perfect music piece for Tsubasa Chronicle’s OVA, Tokyo Revelations. The piece is dominated by the sound of the acoustic and bass guitar.

File:Fate-stay night.jpg

6. Anata ga Ita Mori by Jyukai

From: Fate/Stay Night

Anata ga Ita Mori is most probably the most famous song by Jyukai (up to date). Starting slowly with soft and slow-paced piano music, the song ascends in the middle when the bass guitar and drums kick in. The lyrics scores high as it is meaningful and subtle. However the repetition of instrumental music towards the end of the song pulls down its ranking.

File:Tsubasa spring thunder chroniclesscan.jpg

7. Kaze no Machi he by FictionJunction Keiko

From: Tsubasa Chronicle

Composed by Yuki Kajiura, Kaze no Machi he is an excellent addition to your anime ballad collection! The song is dominated by piano music in the beginning before giving way to the cello and violin towards the middle of the song. The singer, Keiko Kubata performs this piece elegantly with superb voice control and depth of emotions.

8. Fields of Hope by Rie Tanaka

From: Gundam Seed Destiny

No. 8 falls to another piece by Rie Tanaka from Gundam Seed. Fields of Hope has good lyrics that is both meaningful and optimistic. The backbone of the piece is the piano (beginning) and cello (middle to end).

File:Escaflowne dvd.png

9. Yubiwa by Maaya Sakamoto

From: Escaflowne

Yubiwa is a soft and gentle song by Maaya Sakamoto. The lyrics are solid with music that blends together well. Go for this piece if all you desire is a simple love song with no surprises.

10. Trust You by Yuna Ito

From: Gundam OO

Trust You is a new single from Yuna Ito that was used as the ending theme song for the second season of Gundam OO. Yuna Ito has a mature voice that connects well with the lyrics of Trust You and the theme of the anime. The tempo of this piece is higher than the previous songs posted here.

11. I Do by Ilaria Graziano

From: Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is my favourite anime of all time! While Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese Anime, this song is composed by Yoko Kanno but sung in Italian by Ilaria Graziano. Like all other compostions of Yoko Kanno, I do has meaningful lyrics and excellent music.

12. Find the Way by Mika Nakashima

From: Gundam Seed

Find the Way is one of the most famous songs by Mika Nakashima. The song is also one of Gundam Seed’s ending song. This music piece starts with a slow violin and piano melody which builds up a faster paced chorus and bridge in the later parts of the song.


13. Rinne no Hate Ni by Fumiko Orikasa

From: Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Fumiko Orikasa is famous for being the voice actor of Rukia in Bleach. Possessing a versatile voice, Rinne no Hate Ni is sung with a higher pitched voice than seen when she was playing the voice actor role for Rukia. The melody from the violin and cello is the mainstay music in Rinne no Hate Ni. Like the anime, Rinne ni Hate Ni is full of sorrow and melancholy.

File:Tsubasa spring thunder chroniclesscan.jpg

14. You Are My Love by Yui Makino

From Tsubasa Chronicle

You are My Love may be short (2 minutes) but beautiful all the same. Yui Makino’s child-like voice does an excellent job in channeling the feelings of this song’s lyrics to its greater audience. Solely accompanied by the piano, this song by Yui Makino deserves your time.

15. Sky-Blue by Ritsuko Okazaki

From: Fruits Basket

Last but not least, we have a ballad by Ritsuko Okazaki. The unique thing about this piece is that it starts of with a melody similar to that of a music box. Ritsuko Okazaki’s low and gentle voice serves to enhance the pull of this song. Music from Cellos and violins come in as the song progresses.



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3 Responses to “Best Anime Ballad (Update 2 )”
  1. ayasawada says:

    Nice post and good to pick up some of the more under-rated ballads. Mizu no Akashi is often overshadowed by Shizukana Yoru Ni but is beautiful. Have you heard the acoustic version?

    Yubiwa is a gorgeous ballad too.

  2. bestcritic says:

    Wonderful list! I love all the songs.

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