Our Cousins Are Evolving!

The Tree of Knowledge by Lucas Cranach the Elder

~ The Contributions is a collection of work not personally done by me but by friends who with sincere generosity have allowed for publication here.

Therefore, work found in the contributions may not be similar with my general line of thought. Thus, I will not comment, scrutinize, plagiarize, and justify anything that has been written here.

However, work posted in the contributions is in my sincere and humble opinion worth reading not only for knowledge but for pleasure!!

And like Voltaire, I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

~ ESZ, James Ee

The Rise of the Monkeys

Our cousins are evolving…

In the past 2 weeks, I have noticed 4 news articles of monkeys

One monkey got angry over being abused by its owner for making it work, climbing up trees for coconuts and took revenge. After being beaten to get to work, the exhausted and outraged monkey climbed up a tree and threw a coconut at his owner, killing him on the spot as the coconut accurately hit his head. Well, in some respect, this shows that monkeys knows their limits and will not take any crap! This bugger, though what he did was very wrong, stood for his rights. We all know how many of us don’t even say anything when being oppressed or abused(…Rihanna…).

Also, monkeys were spotted, being tutored by a senior monkey to…wait for it…floss!! Yes! Floss! As in, keeping good dental hygiene, haha, monkeys actually learn how to use tools and also have the ability to teach the young how to do it.

Scientist were also intrigued when they found that some monkeys were using a different kinda tool to extract their favourite snacks from tree holes, it is already known that monkeys uses twigs as dip sticks to be able to extract bugs so that they may enjoy them, now, they have found that the tool have evolved to a comb like stick, which is able to get more bugs to stick on them than the usual tool of the trade.

Another monkey, living in a zoo, made his enclosure a fort of sorts,taking any resource he could get his hands on, building up stock so that he could use it to throw at visitors as projectiles. (This kinda reminds me of the typical Middle American old man shouting “GET OFF MY PROPERTY” *shoots buckshot gun*). Scientists are amazed that the monkey has the ability for future planning.

Such progress has been made by our cousins, while we continue to take several steps backwards, fighting nonsensical battles and losing the rationality to think ahead. Sad, no?



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