The Water Crisis!

The Burning of The Ocean Monarch by Samuel Walters

Water and Life

Planet Earth is unique. Very very unique. Earth is the only planet known with water on the surface and water is why there is life on Earth. Without water (yes, I know oxygen is more important), we cannot survive for long.

The good news is that our planet’s surface is almost 70% covered with vast oceans, rivers and lakes.

The bad news is that we are on a brink of a global water crisis!

The lives of billions and billions of people and wildlife is threatened by the booming human population that demands more and more supply of fresh water. Even though there is plenty of water in the world, less than 3% is fresh and clean. Of this 3% of fresh water, less than half a percent is drinkable. The rest of the world’s supply of fresh water is stuck in glaciers and polar ice caps.

This means that only a tiny winnie portion of the planet’s supply of water is sustaining the life of almost every single life form on Earth. While some scientist have come up with ways to remove salt from ocean water (desalinati0n), the process of desalination produces only a small quantity of fresh water and consumes a lot of energy. A terrible trade-off.

Seascape by Renoir

We Want Water!

The amount of water used around the world has risen nearly ten times in the last century straining the supply of water to its limits. To compound the severity of this problem is the fact that lots of farmland needs irrigation to yield crops. A water shortage would likely mean millions of death from the lack of both water and food.

If water was used only for drinking and washing, we might have enough to go around. However, the developed world uses gigantic amounts of water for other purposes. In the United States, huge amounts of water is used by farmers and power companies to cool down electricity generators. Only one percent of water is used for drinking and washing in the States.

The next section is taken from an article on water.

Status of Global Freshwater Supplies

Current Situation – Global water shortage predicted by 2020

Distribution – Worldwide

Main Threats

  1. Finite accessible freshwater
  2. Global population explosion
  3. Over-consumption of water in the developed world
  4. High water supply costs

Actions You Can Take!

  • In the home: repair dripping taps, save clean waste water for plants, take short showers, fill baths less, use a bucket of soap and water for car washing and adjust toilet flushes so water used is kept at the minimum
  • In the community: encourage your school and local council to develop and promote water conservation
  • In the garden: use a layer of mulch such as a gravel around plants so you don’t have to water so often, adjust the sprinkler so that it only waters the garden, rather than the house or path, water in the early morning or evening to minimize evaporation



2 Responses to “The Water Crisis!”
  1. sab says:

    Hahaha! I did a a persuasive speech last semester to fulfil my presentation requirement.The title “H20”. Very very similar…But mine is funnier! Hahahahaha!

  2. norm says:

    I live next to a river that flows into the sea,24 hours a day.It probably flows
    enough water to supply most of the west coast farms . There is another river
    to the north that flows one quarter of that amount. There are two rivers just
    south of my residence that flow two times as much water , as the ones north of
    me. I have a huge amount of water I would like to give away. I would still have enough to supply most of the Puget Sound region with water. This is a resource
    that is never ending . Completely renewable. And at times overwhelming.

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