Martin Luther King Jr. King, Biodata

The Tree of Knowledge by Lucas Cranach the Elder

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~ ESZ, James Ee



Over the years, many individuals have fought passionately to change laws that they felt were unjust. The most famous among them was Martin Luther King Jr. King was born in Atlanta, to a long line of Baptist ministers. His father was a leading minister in Atlanta and his family is one of the most prominent black families in the South. King has faced much criticism throughout his career, but he has never succumbed to them. Therefore, his strategy of civil disobedience and his philosophy of non-violent resistance made him one of the most influential Americans to ever live.

On December 1955, King led a group of people to boycott the Montgomery bus services, when Rosa Parks, a colored woman refused to give up her seat to a white person. Due to this incident, an organization called the Montgomery Improvement Association was formed. King was elected as head of this organization. He fought hard on this issue with non-violent protests and this lasted a year. At 1965, the Supreme Court finally declared Alabama’s segregation law unconstitutional and Montgomery buses were desegregated (Carson 15). Therefore, because of his actions, there was no longer any racial discrimination in Montgomery.

Other than that, King also plays a huge part on the social discrimination in Birmingham, when all public parks and facilities were closed to keep them from being integrated. King was put to prison due to his protests, and in his cell, he wrote a letter to expose the moral failings of white ministers in Birmingham. He state that the entire world belongs to God, and there can be no separation of church and state, or society and church. As a result of his efforts, the nation was galvanized to change the system of segregation and racial proscription that had reigned since Civil War (Matthew 80).

In 1967, King led a march on Washington where 25,000 white and black people railed in support of the civil rights bill that was pending on Congress. Near the end of the protests, at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, he delivered a speech called “I Have a Dream.” (Seattle Times 46). This speech is about how he dreams of a society in which people were not judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. This march and his speech led the civil rights protests to be spread throughout the nation, and his goal of equal rights to all African-American has been accomplished.

King has also plays a part in stopping the war in Vietnam, when he announced his opposition of American involvement in the war, and called for negotiations with the National Liberation Font (Carson et al 7). He requested them to immediately stop the bombings in North Vietnam, but was advised by the government officials instead to remain quiet on this issue and to just focus on the civil rights. However, King did not succumb to them, and continues to approach this issue. King fought so hard to stop the American involvement in the war that in April 1967, he led thousands of demonstrators on an anti-war march to the United Nations. Although the Vietnam War only ended five years after his death, many people believed that it is because of him, who fought hard on this issue, that a peace treaty declaring the independent nations of South and North Vietnam was signed.

Apart from that, King did not only change the course of American history, and bring fundamental changes in relationships to the African-Americans and whites, but he had also made many contributions to the world around him. For instance, he was almost single-handedly responsible for a major change in American public opinion where justice is concerned. He fights for justice in the idiom of evangelical religion, and whoever denies his appeal, would means that they deny the faith he is proclaiming. Therefore, he was able to transform religious fervor into social action, and was also able to convert the religiosity of people into a passion for justice.

Therefore, Martin Luther King Jr. is definitely an influential person as he had plays such important role in the social change in America. To this day, Martin Luther King Jr. will remain as a symbol of the African-American struggle for civil rights, and his method of non-violence actions will always be used as an example in war and protests.

~ Li Ann



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