It is a Lego World!

I remember the time when children my age (around 7 – 10) thought Lego was cool. You go to the local shopping center, buy a box of Lego (that was relatively cheap ten years ago), and build the desired model you want (each set of Lego usually have a few different models for you to choose to build). But in contrast to other toys like Gundam models, figurines, monopoly and chess, Lego was unique in the sense that you get to dismantle the model and build lots of other different stuff! When you buy a set of Lego, you do not just buy a toy but you add pieces into your Lego collection.

Every piece of Lego in a Lego set can be inter-connected with pieces from another set. You can practically take three sets of Lego, mix them all together and build something bigger and (hopefully) more beautiful. In my earlier Lego years, I would just follow the manual and build what the pieces in the set was designed to build. Life was simple. Build what you are suppose to build and Eureka! A wonderful Lego display model not designed by you but built by you.

It is all the same, right?

Well, not really….

One day, my dad brought me to a Lego exhibition and I was stunned by the variety of models on display! You see, the Lego builder is just like a construction worker. The construction worker just builds what he is told to build and nothing more. He gets paid for his work and feels happy as long as the money he earns is enough as a means for his existence and a little bit of luxurious activity (maybe a glass of beer). But an architect, or in this case, the Lego designer is something else all together. An architect, similar to the construction worker, gets paid for his work. However, a passionate architect does not treat his process of designing and drawing a building as work at all! Instead of doing what he finds passion in, the passionate architect finds passion in what he does!

That is a world of difference.

After that Lego exhibition 9 years ago, I swore I would design something myself out of every Lego piece I have.

And after 9 years of procrastination, here is the product:

My Lego Spaceship

The space ship is big, more than a meter long and weighing around 3-4kg

The wine bottle is there as a comparison

Like all Lego models, you can open everything up and have a look inside

Take a look inside the command center

Reminds you of a Star Wars Movie? LOL

The front portion of the ship stores a satellite and two missiles

If ever this ship is built in reality, I will be the next Leonardo da Vinci!



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