Like a swallow flying in the distant sky,

My soul yearns to be free.

That someday freedom will be mine,

And I could be the true me.


Born with the heavy links we were bound,

Everywhere we are in chains.

Tell me where can real freedom be found,

That I may falsely hope in vain.


Maybe like the many things around us,

Our soul is not ours to master.

Look at how water extinguishes life’s thirst,

And animals die for our hunger.


The Earth smiles when the fated rain falls,

And grass sway in the winds.

As Gaea heeds nature’s desperate calls,

Balance will is always seen.


Maybe we were never born to be free and happy,

But in our toils and chains we can still find beauty.

4 Responses to “Chains”
  1. lizii says:

    Mmm I like this theme much better; your very full blog doesn’t seem as messy anymore :D

  2. jamesesz says:

    Awww, Lizi..You should have told me earlier….I really didn’t notice anything till someone mentioned information overload and my blog in the same sentence….

    I am sorry to have caused you inconvenience while reading….

  3. Doraz says:

    You speak from the soul.
    You speak from the heart.
    The fact that you speak,
    Shows your feelings…in part.

    Express what you can,
    Be true to you.
    You will be unstoppable,
    in whatever you pursue!

    Have a great weekend!

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