Moonrise Over the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich


As a bird flying against the winds and seasons,

I fly towards my promised heaven.

Accepting no rest, comfort or valid reasons,

I journey towards my Utopian haven.


As I look for clues in humanity’s brief histories,

I find no solace and no peace.

No period was without suffering and miseries,

And never did wars ever cease .


The skies were always red and full of darkness,

And the day is swallowed by the night.

As the raging minds of men bloom in madness,

Others were already in an outright fight.


I watched in horror from my window of grief,

My hopes lie in the horizon’s line.

As ashes rain down like autumn’s falling leaves,

My heart rings with a silent mind.


What reasons can explain these futile efforts,

Of men and their hidden designs.

I take a look at their cruel means and methods,

And faint before apocalyptic signs.


When innocence is turned into mindless power,

The world is engulfed in shadow.

And when the righteous and just, fear and cower,

Where then can we find hope’s meadow.


My heart’s sorrow is infinite as it is eternal,

For illusions has turned to reality.

As clockwork toys, we will march to our funeral,

As if pulled by lies, fate and destiny.


As the cicada leaves behind its useless shell,

We must leave behind our past.

For us to step up and ring hope’s hidden bell,

It takes actors from the whole cast.


We forget that like snow in the radiant sun,

Our lives are but a speck of sand.

But as free as birds fly and wild deers run,

Our choices are by our hands.


We are like waves hitting shores of the coast,

As we repeat our many sins.

Yet in mortal pride so arrogantly we boast,

That we set sail with divine winds.


I bid humanity to ponder and remember,

Of how we do not stand alone.

Like grass we sway in the wind’s of September,

For our deeds others must atone.


We believe only in our true independence,

For we were born as if free.

Yet we forget that in truth is interdependence,

As we are chained to a tree.


Even if we live in lands distant and faraway,

Our deeds affect many others.

As a butterfly gently flaps its wings in May,

Elsewhere it causes natural disasters.


Always remember that not knowing changes nothing,

And as connected we are, we should all stop our fighting.

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