Mindstorm’s Logo Revisited!


Mindstorm’s Logo by Hachiro


Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I present to you Mindstorm’s new logo by Hachiro!! While I do not know what inspired the mad scientist Hachiro to come up with this piece, I do know that I really like it!

The design seem to revolve around a ball lighting in the middle of a void, vacuum and darkness. Inside the ball lighting are words that represent the major themes of Mindstorm.

Delving deeper, you would find that the various words cover a wide topic and yet remain within the sphere. Personally, I feel that the lighting strikes are strokes of genius or flashes of insights that spark new and lush ideas in the mind!

Correct me if I am wrong, Hachiro, but well done! You have my sincere gratitude!

Do visit Mindstorm (a collective site for the pooling of ideas) at:


PS: Do see more of Hachiro’s work in the artwork page

~ESZ, James

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