Atheism, Its Faith and Its Flaws

“A certain portion of mankind do not believe at all in the existence of Gods.”

~Plato, ca 400BC

“All men need the Gods.”

~Homer, ca 800BC

The battle between atheists and th0se who believe in God has been an ongoing struggle since the dawn of religion itself. For the better part of humanity’s history on Earth, religion, with an all powerful God seems to be having the upper hand. Religion defines the very soul of humanity itself. Almost all form of art, whether paintings, music or poetry have been infused with elements from religion to form an intimate relationship between God (or Gods) and men. So much so, that our daily lives, whether we like it or not is influenced by religion in one way or another.

In the first of my seven meditations, I attempted to overturn all my existing beliefs whether self taught or externally acquired in an attempt to form a coherent line of thought as a base for further development. To a certain extent, I succeeded to attain my personal goals but fell short in convincing many friends and foes alike on my stand on the limitations of human understanding. Many people stated that the first meditation was inconclusive and confusing, lacking both a proper direction and substantial proof. Indeed, I agree with these statements because in order to prove the limitations of human understanding, I must therefore be inconclusive in my essay to conclusively prove that absolute knowledge of things beyond the mind and matter is beyond human understanding!

Nevertheless, all these opinions were very helpful and my sincere gratitude is extended to all who provided me feedback on the subject matter.  One individual  however, caught my interest when he asked me on whether I am an atheist. I am not. The term atheist is nothing new to civilized men. The term atheos, a– meaning without, theos meaning God or Gods, can be found in antiquity. Atheism seems to gain strength with every scientific finding that men make and sneer in sarcasm at every lost of ground by religion to science.

In the 16th century, Copernicus with an air of ‘divine revelation’ proved to the world that the Earth was not the center of the universe and in doing so, brought a wave of skepticism in Europe. Atheism giggled with glee. In the 18th century, Immanuel Kant and his “Critique of Pure Reason” landed another blow on religion by stating that we cannot prove the existence of God as surely as we cannot prove God’s inexistence. Atheism smiled at the cruel joke. Further down the road, in the 19th century, Charles Darwin published the “Origin of Species” thus providing an alternative to the will God in the creation of the world while the philosopher “Nietzsche” handed religion’s death certificate by declaring that God is dead.

If atheism is metaphorically the darkness, religion is the light. The darkness is everywhere because the brightest light cast the darkness shadow. But as surely as it is the light that causes the shadow, so must atheism be but a child of religion. For all the glory that atheism borrows from science, it alone has none. The atheist claims that faith in God is irrational but presents a faith in no God that is equally if not more irrational. The atheist says that as the statues of Zeus, Isis, and Thor are buried under the  immense weight of mythology, so must God whom he fails to understand is not within any statue be buried. The atheist says that world religions lack unity but forgets that everything else in the world also lacks unity.

From the Age of Enlightenment and beyond, the atheist quotes evolution and forgets that even evolution may be of the will of God. The atheist goes on further and questions the occurrence of children with cancer, natural disasters and poverty while forgetting that in doing so betrays his position of absolute knowledge. Doubt over faith shouts the atheist and in  arrogance neglect the fact that doubt and faith is the two sides of the same coin. God both omnipotent and omnipresent, alpha and omega, cannot exist beyond the limits of space and time simply because the atheist lack the ability to observe something beyond pure reason, senses and experience!

“If it happens that the authority of Sacred Scripture is set in opposition to clear and certain reasoning, this must mean that the person who interpretsSripture does not understand it correctly It is not the meaning of Scripture which is opposed to the truth but the meaning he has wanted to give it.”

~Saint Augustine

The ultimate flaw of atheism lies not in its criticism of religions and men. It lies in its presumed ability to attain absolute knowledge. God does not exist because I cannot feel him, rationalize his existence and feel the effects of his will. The world started with the Big Bang and through chemistry came biology and with it life. All believers of God is absolutely wrong because they all point to different paths to salvation and thus everyone of them is wrong. In the end, the atheist believes that he has acquired a position safe from his environment, invulnerable and unmovable like a firmly rooted tree to the ground. But even a tree rooted to the earth must move as our planet spins and rotates around the sun. Thus the atheist in all his subtlety fails to accept the unknowable and fails to realize that things are only absolute in a relative sense.

“I am still searching for the truth.”


“I am a prophet of the truth.”


“Truth is elusive, it’s like a butterfly, you’ve got to search for it.”

~The Veda

“I am the truth.”

~Jesus Christ

Humanity subject to life and death would never be able to understand something beyond the relativity of time and space. However, our imperfection alone stands as a testimony to the existence of perfection. That perfection and my inability to understand the Creator constitutes enough evidence for my faith. Speak not of the Pascal’s Wager to which it is smarter to bet that God exist and to believe in him, because if it turns out that he is real, you win everything, if he is not, you lose nothing. Instead, look inwards into our hearts and outwards to the universe and witness the majesty of the Creator we will never understand.

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