North Korea’s ‘Satelite’ Launch

North Korea in defiance of the United States and Japan launched its rocket over Japan yesterday. The launch took place at 11.30 am from a launch pad in northeastern North Korea. While claiming to be a rocket intended to hurl a North Korean satelite into space, many believed this launch to be just another military test of North Korea’s long-range missile technology.

Reaching Japanese airspace in within seven minutes, the North Korean rocket is said to contain no satelite! According to both the United States and South Korea, nothing has been put into orbit as a result from North Korea’s rocket launch. Nevertheless, North Korea’s actions is in direct violation of the UN Resolution in 1718 that aims to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear programme and halt all long-range missile tests.

China, the North’s chief ally, called for “calm and restraint” after the launch which hinted a that the Red Giant would likely oppose anything but a mild rebuke of Pyongyang actions. While the low key response triggered angry angry responses from some world leaders, it is likely that the United States and its allies would be powerless to do much in punishing North Korea without the backing of China.

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