A Brief Introduction to my Essays

It is with great joy and honor that my essays have been read by an audience as excellent and as understanding as yourself! Every essay that receives a comment or a personal opinion from any individual whether for good or for ill, brings great motivation for me in continuing my research concerning the anomalies and normalities or our daily lives.

When I set up my site, Eternity in an Hour, my intentions were to write essays that would reveal a different perspective of the world than the conventional view. In doing so, it was never my intention to go against the norm simply because I wanted to go against the norm. Almost every essay concerning philosophy, economics and history have either gone through months of research or thorough thought.

I find it a sin to waste the time of anybody who reads my essays.

Each essay that I work on is a contribution to a larger picture. To me, each essay should broaden the view its readers including myself. Failing to do so would be the failure on my part rather than the failure of my readers to understand my essay. It is my view that a product that fails to sell itself is indeed flawed in some ways that the naked eye of its creator has failed to notice.

I am delighted to say that the Meditations have been in my personal view a success in many ways. Although not all who have read the Meditations agree entirely with my line of thought, I daresay this work stimulates a lot of thought in the mind of its readers. The Meditations took me a period of three years from the start to its completion. I regret to say that I was only able to reproduce only a brief summary of the whole paper at my site (this is done so that readers would be able to finish reading all seven essays in one view).

The Meditations

The First Meditation, Sapere Aude – The Limitations of Human Understanding

The First Interlude – Man Against Woman and The Downfall of Man

The Second Meditation, Ethos – The Limitations of  Ethics, Moral Philosophy, and Absolute Relativism

The Third Meditation, Utopia – The Limitations of Man’s Ambitions

The Second Interlude – Woman Against Man and The Ascent of Man

The Fourth Meditation, Politicus – The Limitations of Political Power

The Fifth Meditation, Armata – The Limitations of Military Might

The Sixth Meditation, Juno Moneta – The Limitations of Wealth and Money

The Third Interlude – Man and Woman

The Seventh Meditation, Homo Sapiens – The Limitations of Man and The Possibilities of Homo Superior

From the first to the seventh essay, I attempted to establish truths that were independent of experience. Each essay together with the interludes, have a point that stand alone by itself while also becoming the basis for the next meditation. The Meditations contain rigid ideas that stand the test of time. My other work on Evolution is the direct opposite of this principle. While the Meditations were written to establish constants, the works in Evolution were written to establish the various changes we face in our lives.


Evolution and Atheism

The Infinity of Eternity and the Philosophy of Change

Geography – The Evolution of Earth

Language – The Evolution of Human Communication

Philosophy – The Evolution of Thought

Time – The Evolution of Reality

The works in Evolution is still in its infant stage. Although several new essays would soon be added to its vault, it is likely that this would be an ongoing assignment until the later days of my life. Also incomplete is my work on Education.


The Learning Life-Cycle




This is a brief list of the rest of my work:


The Impact of the Global Economic Slowdown on Malaysia

The Price Control Paradox

The Economics of High Oil Prices

Inflation: Challenges and Response

I am a terrible poet. But each poem attempts to reveal a personal view of mine.

Poetry Collections












Please continue to support my site and my work! Any feedback and opinions would really be helpful! Thank you!

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