The Art of Writing

Of all the arts that exist in the world today, writing has remained one of the pinnacle of human intellectual achievement. While the art of writing, like all other art, has evolved and extended into many variations and forms, the joy that writing gives to both writer and reader have stayed largely the same across the ages.

Writing remains first and foremost a medium of communication. Whether one is writing solely for himself or for a larger assembly, what one writes must in the end be a form of communication. Even when one reads his own diary, one is communicating with himself.

When we write, we compose meanings. Writing is the way that an individual put to paper his abstract thoughts and intangible feelings. As we write, we weave a tapestry of relations between objects and events. The end result is an intricate web of meanings that gives life to the essay itself.

Furthermore, writing contributes to the way we learn. When we write, we are either consciously or unconsciously sorting out information to present it as a coherent line of ideas to our readers. It is common to find that certain points that were previously hidden to our minds suddenly become highlighted as we sift through the drafts of our essays.

Inevitably, we would connect different ideas together when we write. And by doing so, we establish links between some of our old ideas with our new ideas. When this happens, we find that we have a better understanding of ourselves. Treat writing as a process of discovery and continue writing to understand a different side of your psyche!


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