Timeframe 470-399 BC
School of Thought Classical Greek
  1. Athenian philosopher
  2. Wrote nothing himself and is known mainly through Plato, Xenophon, Aristotle and Aristophanes
  3. Father a stonemason, mother a midwife
  4. Married to Xanthippe (whose bad temper was as famous as the philosopher’s ability to put up with it)
  5. Executed (forced to drink poison hemlock) for allegedly corrupting the minds of Athenian youths
Main Interest Epistemology, Ethics
Philosophy Socratic Paradox

  1. No one does wrong voluntarily
  2. Virtue is knowledge

Socratic Method

  1. Method of elenchus
  2. Question and answer method of philosophizing (dialectic)
  3. Pretended ignorance (Socratic Irony)
  4. Clear the mind for subsequent development of more adequate views
  5. Pursuit of the truth through analytical discussion
Major Works None
  • Teacher of Plato
  • Scientific Method (influenced)
  • Seen by Hegel, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche as a pivotal figure in the development of human thought
Famous Quote Know thyself
15 Responses to “Socrates”
  1. pochp says:

    A very unique and excellent post (biodata).
    I still wonder though why you keep snubbing my posts :-)

  2. Doraz says:

    Clear the mind for subsequent development of more adequate views

    Who decided what is adequate?
    A view is an opinion, right?

    • jamesesz says:

      Yes, for us..In this context, Aristotle believes that all opinions and views must be grounded to logic and reasoning.

      In saying so, one view must not contradict another..

      That being said, you cannot be a Christian and a Buddhist at the same time (although some people claim to be both) simply because their views on salvation are different..

  3. Doraz says:

    Can you be a good person, yet hate your next door neighbor?

    I believe so.
    We do not co-exist well, with everyone!

    • jamesesz says:

      Define good and hate..If you are good at all times, you cannot hate your neighbour at the same time..

      (Assuming that hate is absolutely not a quality in a good person)


      Since you cannot hate a person at all times, you are a good person ‘most’ of the time.

      Kind of ridiculous right?

  4. pochp says:

    If you will remember when we were just starting to be acquainted,
    I asked you in one forum if you have experienced ‘really getting mad angry’. I think this explains what Doraz says in a way. There are just so many psychotic people whose fun is being hated. Now imagine if you have a neighbor like that! Worse, or neighborS.
    But of course I NEVER endorse hating or getting angry. That’s a simple definition of hell- hating or anger- for that matter!
    Remember my comment about soul and memory?

    • jamesesz says:

      ON the contrary, I think it is right to dislike them (intense dislike = hate).

      We simple should not endorse actions that are done by ‘psychotic’ people.

      And yes, they are all around us!!!

  5. Doraz says:

    Since you cannot hate a person at all times, you are a good person ‘most’ of the time.

    I like that one.
    I also agree with pochp…this neighbor just loves to aggravate everyone!She did something to my family that I did forgive her for….but, I will never forget it! Trust has been broken! :(

    • jamesesz says:

      We forgive but we don’t forget. I think that is fair. Don’t you?

      Most people would chose to do the shooting rather than being shot.

      That does not make their actions right at all!

  6. pochp says:

    Doraz right. The danger with forgetting is that the offender will do her/his crime again and again. I speak from experience too.

    • jamesesz says:

      Needless to say, I agree with the both of you!

      Remember the Christian story of letting another person slap you on the other cheek?

      The trick is to not get slapped!

      I personally consider it a sin to allow others to sin against you!

      (Although this might not be really in line with Christianity’s

  7. pochp says:

    You’ve just made an original statement again James. Bravo.

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