Flying and Fainting!

Oh dear..I didn’t know flying to another country would be such a hassle. Even though I have been to Australia and China before, I didn’t have to do all the crazy planning things myself. My head feels like it is going to burst when I look at all the details I have to go through for my stay in Mother England.

1. My Student Visa

2. My flight to and from England

3. My accommodation

4. Any academic reference I should bring

5. Places to visit (London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Parliament House and more importantly the Museums!)

6. My brain (which is always somewhere else when it should be somewhere between my ears)

7. Appropriate clothing

8. Details on the mode of transportation that I would use there (their rail lines are gigantic compared to the ones in Malaysia)

The GOOD news is that my ever ready guardian angel of an Aunt (I call her my 1&oni beloved Aunty Joo Lian) is following me up to London to ensure my safe passage into my four-sided black hat. With her around, I am sure I won’t end up in Cyprus or something (I am horrible at directions! I got lost just last week while driving back from a movie!).

Another GOOD news is that the libraries in Mother England are huge. Among some of the books I want to get my hands on are:

1. The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant

2. The Story of Civilization by Will Durant

3. The Story of Christian Theology by Roger Olson

4. Church History in Plain Language also b Roger Olson

They won’t come cheap (please tell me they sell them second hand) but I am dying to get them. Do pray that everything goes well for me!!!!


Warm Regards,


3 Responses to “Flying and Fainting!”
  1. henrypoong says:

    May god watch over you my friend.I look forward to reading many more of your ever interesting articles!!!

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