Irrational Beliefs: Truth or Tale

Irrational Belief 1

You must have sincere love and approval almost all the time from the people who are important to you.

Irrational Belief 2

You must prove yurself to be thoroughly competent, adequate and achieving at something important.

Irrational Belief 3

Things must go the way you want them to go. Life is awful when you don’t get your first choice in everything.

Irrational Belief 4

Other people must treat everyone fairly and justly. When people act unfairly or unethically, they are rotten.

Irrational Belief 5

When there is danger or fear in your world, you must be preoccupied with and upset by it.

Irrational Belief 6

People and things should turn out better than they do. It’s awful and horrible when you don’t fnd quick solutions to life’s hassles.

Irrational Belief 7

Your emotional misery stems from external pressures that you have little or no ability to control. Unless these external pressures change, you must remain miserable.

Irrational Belief 8

It is easier to evade life’s responsibilities and problems than to face them and undertake more rewarding forms of self-discipline.

Irrational Belief 9

Your past influenced you immensely and must therefore continue to determine your feelings and behaviour today.

Irrational Belief 10

You can achieve happiness by inertia and inaction, or by just enjoying yourself from day to day.

2 Responses to “Irrational Beliefs: Truth or Tale”
  1. dthanja says:

    …what a great list of irrational beliefs! Each one of these should get the reader (myself included!)to take our thinking to a deeper level, to check our abilities at being aware of what moves our lives and shapes our tomorrows. I will be thinking about these for some time to come… thank you!

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