The Advantages of Leather

  • It is durable and lasts about 5 times longer than fabric.
  • It is strong and does not tear easily.
  • It is fire resistant as compared to other fabrics.
  • It retains its shape and needs low maintenance.
  • Since it breathes, it is comfortable both in the hot and cold weather
  • Leather resists heat and sun damage.
  • It ages well and looks good even after many years of use.
  • The structure of its fibers makes it wind-resistant and durable.
  • Leather does not easily wrinkle so it is a great choice for travel or extended wear.
  • It is ideal for layering.
  • Natural Product
  • Partly waterproof
  • Resistant to Fungal Attack
  • Resistant to Dry Abrasion
  • Lint and Dust Free
  • Resistant to Dust Mites

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