Tips for Deconstructing Case Studies (5Ps)


  1. Read everything
  2. Identify the current position
  3. Annotation of key points (themes)
  4. investigate the historical setting (past and current situation)
  5. Overall impression
  6. SWOT analysis


  1. Problem identification
  2. Problem classification (structured)
  3. Problem solving
  4. Inter-relationships


  1. Exploring potential sollutions (brainstorming)
  2. Application of technical knowledge
  3. Supporting your sollution
  4. Feasible alternatives


  1. Evaluate potential sollutions
  2. Logical arguments (for and against)
  3. Systematic elimination of weaker suggestions


  1. Listing a set of possibilities based on importance
  2. Who to carry out the plan (areas of responsibility)


  1. Readable
  2. Well-structured
  3. Easily understood
  4. Synopsis
  5. Wrapping it up

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