Reflecting on Reflective Writings

Essay Techniques

  1. Respond to command words (list, state, defune, etc)
  2. Essay title (make sure you answer the question)
  3. Show depth of knowledge (key findings, examples, references)
  4. Avoid being one sided (opinions of group members, assumptions)
  5. Analysis and Evaluation (break down material & argue critically)

Initial Reaction

  • Description of team members (exceptional talents and characterisitics)


  • Process of gathering research materials
  • Participation of group members
  • Focus on quantity and quality
  • Thinking outside the box

Major Findings and Key Points

Division of Labour

  • Equal distribution of work
  • Dissatisfied members
  • Did the right person do the right thing?


  • Was there a clear leader?
  • Autocratic, democratic or laissez-faire?
  • How did you influence other group members


  • Were all group members equally motivated?
  • What personally motivated you?
  • Need for achievement and recognition
  • What motivated other group members?


  • Synergy, did other group members compensate your own personal weakness?
  • Did your strengths augment the group as a whole?


  • Was the process of communication clear?
  • Was major themes correctly presented
  • Organising the presentation
  • Problems encountered
  • Visual aids
  • Language appropriateness
  • Successful delivery


  • What results did you expect after finishing the assignment?

Reactions to Feedback

Second Chance

  • Continuous improvement

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