HRM (Human Resource Management) Assignment

EXBank is a UK based organisation. As part of its global growth strategy to develop an international presence EXBank is considering acquiring MMBank which is located in Malaysia. The Board is aware that acquisitions often fail because HR issues have not been adequately considered in the feasibility stage. The fact that the acquisition target is based in another country brings additional challenges.


You have been asked to prepare a report for the Board which discussed two key Human Resource areas that will need to be considered if MMBank is acquired.

For example, you could choose two areas from the following:

  • HR Planning
  • Competencies and Skills Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Rewards
  • Psychological Contract
  • Flexibility
  • Labour Turnover and Retention
  • Absence Management

In your report, you should justify the reasons for the choice of the two HR areas selected.

The assignment should make use of relecant theoretical concepts and examples to underpin your answer.

Word limit is 3,000 words

Submission date: 14 September 2009

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