Introducing Kara no Kyoukai (The Garden of Sinners): The Anime Masterpiece

Storyline and Character Development – 10/10

After watching 4,000 episodes of Japanese animation (over 181 different anime), one would be rather picky if not downright fussy on what one watches next. Surprisingly, Kara no Kyoukai came in not only as a refreshing addition to my collection of ‘watched anime’ but one that I would consider a ‘must watch’ for anime lovers.

Both Kara no Kyoukai and Lunar Legend Tsukihime are visual novels written by Kinoko Nasu that have enjoyed widespread success together with Fate/Stay Night. However, unlike the anime Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai did not blunder in  its storytelling pacing and character development. Each scene contained some additional information about the characters and their motives along with hints of things yet to come.

Besides boasting excellent execution, what really got me hooked to this anime was the depth involved in its storyline. First and foremost, the six movies that I have watched so far were not in chronological order (we all know how boring history can be). Audiences are left having to piece together seperate independent but interconnect stories that are part of a larger picture. Second, the motives and perspectives of both protagonist and antagonists were explained in detail.

Introducing the cast:

Shiki Ryougi

Being able to see death (cutting the lines of death kills the person or object), Shiki has less respect for life than most people. She feels that life is rather meaningless until she met Kokutou.

While being all cool and tomboyish under that red leather jacket, Shiki betrays a beautiful smile under the rain.

Kokutou Mikiya

Faithful (he waited for Shiki to wake up from a coma) and loving, Mikiya plays the ultimate support character for Shiki. After waking up from her coma, Mikiya becomes Shiki’s raison detre (reason for being).

Toko Aozaki

Toko plays the mastermind behind the scenes. Ever manipulative and forever cunning, Toko is in reality a kind hearted magician.

Azaka Kokutou

Mikiya’s sister and secret admirer. She possesses a strong ‘brother complex’ and will stop at nothing to seperate Mikiya from Shiki. (Sounds like my sister)….

Animation – 10/10

She jumps!

She lands!

And she kill ghosts!

I pity the ghost….

No complaints on animation ehhh?

Soundtrack and Voice Actors – 10/10

Excellent music on all fronts. Expect no less from Yuki Kajiura (composer of the soundtracks in Tsubasa chronicle, Noir and Madlax). Voice actors were also good with Maaya Sakamoto playing Shiki. Tanaka Rie got a brief moment as the ghost that Shiki kills….What a waste….

The best part is that the anime advertises Haagen Dazs ice cream…..

Okay folks….I better study for my finals now….Before my mum calls me up from Malaysia….Hehe….

4 Responses to “Introducing Kara no Kyoukai (The Garden of Sinners): The Anime Masterpiece”
  1. henrypoong says:

    looks like there is really no escape from the invasion of placement

  2. jamesesz says:

    that is a sad case ehhh….Haagen Daaz in anime..Amazing….
    Anyway, nice to hear from you again!!

  3. sab says:

    Just to get things straight,you’re passing me this anime when you get back or are you gonna give me the lame “but I don’t have a copy” excuse?

    Btw, Haagen-Dazs ROCKS!

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