To My Lover, Philosophy

~ Our meeting today, my dear reader, is not one of coincidence, luck or blind chance. That we have met today means that we were meant to meet one another and our meeting could not have happened in any other way. We might forget in the near future that this meeting has ever happened but we cannot change the fact that this encounter has already taken place.

I find myself an ardent lover of philosophy and all her charm. Since our elopement three years ago, I cannot help but to continuously marvel at the depths and heights that she summons at will with her beauty and knowledge. That she contains both the obscurity and impenetrability of Immanuel Kant coupled hand-in-hand with the wit and wine of Voltaire, serves not to hinder my complete adoration of her grace and gentle nature. On the contrary, my sensual and intellectual pleasures are but heightened at the mere sight of her silhouette, as I endeavour to make the best of my daily allotted time.

Saddening it is that philosophy does not return the loyalty that I have shown to her. In heart-breaking sorrow, I have found that she belongs not to me alone but to all mankind, irrespective of age, race, gender and background. In truth, she belongs to every human soul save those who by ill-will of nature are born with mental impairments or in their later days possessed by raging insanity. Sorrowful to her it is that many men that she knows and loves are ignorant of her very presence though they use her in their everyday lives for guidance and for comfort.

Philosophy reigns supreme in the minds of all intellectual human beings. She holds reasoning in her right hand and the promises of ataraxia in her left. She holds no grudges against future knowledge and admits her past mistakes readily through the passage of time. How wondrous it is that she, together with the world, evolves in thought and form in the same way that time continuously enlarges itself by absorbing the past into its bulky being. And as a flower that blooms on the bright summer day, so does philosophy blossom in the hearts of men in seek of knowledge.

To know her is to love her and to know not is to care not for. Hence, the French proverb, ‘to know all is to forgive all’. It is with this saying in mind that philosophy wages her holy war against the intolerance and the injustice that we see so increasingly common in our everyday lives. Like a candle that hopes to light our way and warm our hearts, so do philosophy seeks to enlighten our minds and to comfort our weary souls. To accept her is to accept a mission: ‘to advance the cause of human reason, to perfect its methods, and extend their application across an ever widening range of pursuits’.

Blame not philosophy for the mistakes of her philosophers and embrace her not only for the sake of advancing personal glory and self-interest but for the sake of the advancement of mankind itself on all fronts, be it in heart, mind and spirit. Even as philosophy belongs to all men and not to me alone, I will unconditionally and irrevocably love her as she has loved me ever so dearly.

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