The truth is that I knew that I could fly,

Under the moon, with the birds and the winds.

How I could soar through the night’s sky,

Swimming the clouds with my wings like fins.


My vision would then be a clouded haze,

My mind in search for my heart’s destination,

With the future beyond my mortal gaze,

All I see, are in truth neither fact nor fiction.


I fear I would one day float and not fly,

In my heart, in my soul and in my very mind.

Floating to escape life’s sorrowful lullaby,

Wishing but not working for this world to shine.


As mirages spread to block my sight,

I hesitate to start my endless flight.


~ Ee Suen Zheng

2 Responses to “Flight”
  1. lizii says:

    good style =) i like the couplet at the end

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