Inviting Someone Else’s Flaw

‘Xi Shi was one of the most famous beauties in Chinese history and legend. It was rumoured that she was presented by the King of Yue to the King of Wu. According to legend, she mesmerized the king so completely that his country’s government weaken and to the extent that the Kingdom of Yue was able to conquer the Kingdom of Wu’.

Once, Xi Shi was suffering from heart-burn. She kept both her hands on her chest, frowned and knitted her brows all day long. Even so, everyone all said that she looked beautiful.

In the same village was an ugly girl who concluded that Xi Shi’s beauty came from her frowning and knitting her brows. Quite foolishly, she tried to imitate Xi Shi by frowning and knitting her brows whenever she met other people. When the villagers saw this ghastly sight, they all avoided her.

~ Zhuang Zi



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