Public Speaking: Vote of Thanks!

Pericles once said that, “one who forms a judgement on any point but cannot explain it clearly might as well have never thought at all on the subject.” I have always agreed with the statement above. Public speaking may very well be the single most important skill that an individual must have in order to navigate within our diversely multicultural modern society. There are many similarities between public speaking and a normal conversation.

Among them include:

  • Organising your thoughts and ideas logically
  • Tailoring your message to your audience
  • Telling a story with maximum impact
  • Adapting to listener feedback

However, there also some differences between public speaking and a normal conversation. Public speaking is usually more highly structured and more formal than a normal conversation.

Here is an example of my vote of thanks:

  • Professor Vice-Chancellor, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.  Before the graduation ceremony closes, I have the honour and privilege to express on behalf of all my fellow graduates our deepest appreciation.
  • We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Sheffield Hallam University and Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman.
  • Through the university and the college we have the means to earn our qualifications. The collaboration of the university and the college has also enhanced the value of our learning experience in higher education.
  • For that we sincerely express our deepest gratitude.
  • Today, ladies and gentlemen, clearly belongs not only to everyone receiving their certificates, but also to our parents, family members, lecturers, tutors and friends. Because without them, we would not be here today.
  • To our parents and family members we thank you for your hard work, sacrifice and support to give us a better education.
  • To our lecturers, tutors and friends we thank you for your dedication, encouragement and patience.
  • Together, all of you have put into our hands a valuable qualification that will enable us to open the door to better opportunities and future potentials.
  • Therefore, may I invite all graduates to stand with me to give a round of applause as a sign of our appreciation and gratitude.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, before I end my speech, I would like to wish my fellow graduates all the best as many of us enter into the working world, participate in the next society and travel the road ahead.
  • Although we may face great challenges in a new age of turbulence and globalisation. Be rest assured that with great challenges comes great opportunity!
  • Once again congratulations all graduates. Please give yourselves a round of applause. Thank you.

See me in action: Vote of Thanks Video

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