Changes in Malaysia’s Regulatory Environment

Regulatory Environment

25/3/2010     –  Bank Negara Malaysia is expected to issue seven new banking licences by June as part of the Malaysian Government’s efforts to liberalise the financial sector and encourage foreign direct investment. The issue of new banking licences comprise of two licenses for Islamic banking and five for international banking.

19/3/2010      –  ‘Review of Sophisticated Investors and Sales Practices for Capital Market Products’ by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. The paper issued highlights the current criteria used to determine who is a sophisticated investor and aims to strengthen sales practices in the capital markets.

19/3/2010      –  The Securities Commission of Malaysia issued ‘Proposed Updates to Guidelines on Offer Documentation of The Malaysian Code on Take-Overs and Mergers 1998.’ The paper aims on providing guidance to how the term ‘fair and reasonable’ should be interpreted by all parties involved in independent advisory to enhance offeree shareholders protection.

19/3/2010     –  The Securities Commission of Malaysia issued ‘Proposed Amendments to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad Listing Requirements on Privatisation of Listed Companies via Disposal of Assets.’ The proposed amendments issued aims to enhance investor protection by reviewing the requirements relating to privatisation of listed companies via disposal of assets. The general concern is that the disparity in the shareholder approval thresholds for different methods of privatisation provides differing levels of protection to the shareholders.

12/1/2010      –  The Securities Commission of Malaysia grants stockbroking licence to Citigroup as the seventh foreign stockbroking company in Malaysia.

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