Following the Goldman Sachs Case (Update 1)



File:Goldman Sachs.svg


Goldman’s Tourre Said to Agree to Testify in Senate (Update2) 

Goldman SEC Case May Hinge on Meaning of ‘Selected’ (Update2) 

Goldman Faces Formal U.K. Probe After SEC Fraud Suit (Update6) 

Goldman’s Caveat Emptor Defense Mirrors UBS, Merrill (Update2) 

Obama Says SEC, White House Didn’t Discuss Goldman (Update2) 

Goldman Case Says Wall Street Rigged by the Best: Ann Woolner 

Goldman Sachs Says SEC Case Hinges on Actions of One Employee 

Goldman Sachs CDO Lawsuit Split SEC Commissioners in 3-2 Vote 

‘Adversarial Shot’ at Goldman Raises Stakes for SEC (Update1) 

Goldman Sachs ‘Had Duty’ to Keep Paulson Bets Secret (Update2) 

Magnetar Says It Didn’t Help Banks With CDOs ‘Built to Fail’ 

Goldman Sachs Says It Didn’t Mislead; Earnings Rise (Update2) 

Goldman Sachs CDO Labeled ‘Shi**y Deal’ by Montag in E-Mail 

Goldman Sachs CDO Labeled ‘Shi**y Deal’ by Montag (Update1) 

Goldman Sachs Dictionary Reveals Hidden Truth: Jonathan Weil 

Goldman Sachs Abacus E-mails Show Hunt for ‘Easiest’ Asset Firm 

One Response to “Following the Goldman Sachs Case (Update 1)”
  1. SEC fine = 2 wks of profit at Goldman. Slap on the wrist or an incentive to misbehave?


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