Blog Stats: Top 15 Hits in Eternity in an Hour.

1. Home page 28,864 More stats
2. How Big is the Solar System? 2,698 More stats
3. Impact of High Oil Prices on the Malaysi 1,414 More stats
4. The Impact of the Sub-prime Mortgage Cri 1,160 More stats
5. Meditation V, Armata – The Limitations o 1,100 More stats
6. Who Were The Muses? 1,024 More stats
7. Price Controls: Part of the problem or p 966 More stats
8. The First Interlude – Man Against Woman 781 More stats
9. Anime – Geniuses in Fiction 769 More stats
10. Rome’s Greatest Defeat – The Battle of C 700 More stats
11. About Me 693 More stats
12. Meditation VII, Homo Sapiens – The Limit 690 More stats
13. Blood+ has One of The Best Anime Soundtr 559 More stats
14. 12 Labors of Hercules 470 More stats
15. From Communism to Capitalism 458 More stats

Time for a reality check. Other than the home page, the post on science got the most hits (2698 and counting). It seems people are still facinated over how huge the universe really is. ^^

Barring science aside, economics got the top spot with my working paper on high oil prices and the sub-prime mortgage crisis garnering 1414 hits and 1160 hits respectively.

In the fifth and sixth spot came military and general knowledge.

Sadly the page about me came in at number 11 and didn’t even made it to top 10 (what a bummer).

Philosophy was also a disappointment as it came in at spot number 12.

Based on the data above, I think I should concentrate more on economics than in any other field. ^^


Yours faithfully,

James Ee

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