Xenophanes – Father of Epistemology

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3 Responses to “Xenophanes – Father of Epistemology”
  1. Ernesto says:

    I feel, therefore I am, is much more true?Time is the pebrlom here, or so I findOr so he found, I mean, with Descartes too, Cos by the time I’ve thought, or felt, inclined,Time has moved on a beat, and look who’s here?Another me has stepped into my shoesWhose wherewithal is just an instant mereA slice, a frame of film which seems to fuseInto a motion sequence, deft and slickBehind which is some animator’s artSo smooth, unless the film jams, blows the trick,and burns a frame, upsets the applecart.He thought, therefore I am, (or felt, I feel.)My life goes on, until my end of reel.

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