World War II: The White Rose

File:Scholl-Denkmal, München.jpg

The White Rose

The war goes on to its certain conclusion. As in the year 1918, the German Government tries to tell us that the U-boat campaign is succeeding, while in the East our armies are retreating without stopping and in the West an Allied invasion was expected momentarily. America has yet to reach the height of its arming for war, and today it is already armed  beyond anything like it in the past. With mathematical certainty Hitler is leading the German people to destruction.

Hitler cannot win the war, he can only prolong it. His guilt and that of those who help him have already gone beyond the point of no return. A just punishment comes nearer and nearer!

What must the German people do? It sees nothing and it hears nothing. Blinded, it staggers on to its destruction. “Victory at all cost!” are the written on its banners. “I shall fight to the last man,” says Hitler – even though the war has already been lost.

~ Extracted from Civilization in the West

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