The Path

Seek the art of truth with age,

Find its beauty and its bane.

In its change it is constant,

Fearing not death or decay.


With truth excel and exalt,

Using both fate and freewill.

Walking in grace and grandeur,

Fearing not heaven and hell.


Ignorance and idleness,

Wishes justice and judgement.

Amid knowledge and know-how,

Must one always live and learn.


Beware of both money and might,

And place nature above nurture.

When occasion is opportune,

Find both politics and power.


Learn quality and quantity,

Study reason and rhetoric.

In solitude and society,

Isolate veiled truth from tale.


Unity and Universals,

Harmonize in virtue and vice,

To produce both wit and wisdom.


Read Xenophon and Xenophanes,

To know that in youth produce yield,

Seek the zenith of truth with zeal.

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